Turku Cathedral Youth Choir

Turku Cathedral Youth Choir is an upper-voice choir with approximately 22 singers with the Cathedral of Turku as its home base. The choir was founded by Mrs Anu Åberg, cantor of the Cathedral of Turku, who is also the artistic leader. In 2012 the choir published its first CD-recording, Virgo Maria. The most Rev. Dr Kari Mäkinen, Archbishop of the Lutheran Church of Finland, is patron of the choir. Their permanent organist and accompanist is Mr Markku Hietaharju, titular organist of the Cathedral of Turku.

The repertoire of the choir is extensive and diversified ranging from old music to gospel and from small works to massive combined productions. The choir performs not only in their mother church, the Cathedral of Turku, but also regularly in other churches and on various occasions. The performances have also taken the choir abroad several times: not only to European countries but also to Russia, Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries. In 2015 the choir will participate in a contest in Vietnam.

The age distribution of the choir is wide ranging from 14 to 30 years, which means that youngest ones do their confirmation classes while the oldest are settled in their professions. Music unites the singers of different ages in a surprisingly seamless manner. Besides their clean tone, the vital strength of the youth choir lies in humour, good spirits and dissimilarity of a certain kind. This dissimilarity has been productive: in 2012, the choir came home from Italy with a golden diploma in the open series of an international choir contest. And the 2014 home-coming from Latvia was with a heavy silver medal and diploma in the world´s largest choir contest, “the choir Olympics”, invitation series.

Musical activities of several kinds with the motto “music is for all” have developed in the wake of the TCYC´s good-quality and intensive work. Hups! is a chime ensemble that functions in close connection with the choir. The parochial chime club for children is directed by the most experienced chime players. The choristers have proved to have many talents: they have put together not only a string band and vocal ensemble but also act as soloists of various kinds. The TCYC maintains a local Wannabe Singers-choir that gathers an annual group of approximately one hundred song-oriented persons to sing and give. Their donation to the charitable annual Common Responsibility Collection is notable. The choir members have chosen to donate “good blood” to the Red Cross on a regular basis. The TCYC strives to penetrate different areas of life and has become something of a second family for many – a family that supports its members and allows for an activity that is both bindingly firm and rich in versatility.

On All Saints´ Day 2014 the choir will perform Mozart´s Requiem through a joint effort with other local choirs and top soloists and musicians.

The choir attempts at keeping their heads in the clouds and their feet firmly on the ground: to be able to make first-rate music some frolic is essential: one has to find in it fun, motivation, and commitment. At a pinch, the choir remembers its motto: “Remember – it´s ONLY for fun!”

The spring or 2012 saw the first CD recording by the choir in the Cathedral “Virgo Maria”, baroque music. The recording was done in cooperation with a string orchestra and Mr Markku Hietaharju, organist/ organ virtuoso. The CD will be published on Michaelmas September 30, 2012.